Emmanuel Sanders fires his agent right before his big pay day

I don’t understand why so many NFL football players do it, but when the player is about to get his second contract, it is a very high percent of guys that fire their agent.

Today, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders fired his agent.

@SBJLizMullen: NFL free agent WR Emmanuel Sanders has left his agent Jordan Woy.

What happens is big time agents come in and tell these players they can get them marketing money, extra deals , more guaranteed money, but that is all a bull face lie.

Jordan Woy is a very succesful agent who lost a decent player. That agent put in tons on time and money on him, and now he is going to leave him for an agent that will probably never call him, and never get him half the things they promised. Emmanuel, you made a bad decision today. You showed a form of Greed….

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