Don’t write off Jarvis Jones just yet; Expect big things from him in 2014

jarvisEveryone is ready to write Jarvis Jones off as a bust, and while he has only produced one sack, I am sure it is frustrating as a Steelers fan.  Well Steelers fans don’t give up on the 17th overall pick just yet.  I have a feeling Jones is due for a huge season in 2014. 

There will be no room for another down year though because the Steelers will need Jones to step up thanks to the departure of Woodley and also the uncertainty of Worilds’ contract.  The cards are set up nicely for Jones.  A starting spot and a new coach who dominated his position just a few years ago.

Jones will finally be a starter in the NFL, and watch out.  Joey Porter is training him and has him re-learning the position from a veteran stand point.  Jones has been Porter’s prized possession.  He has been working with him all summer to teach him the ropes.  Jones might only have one sack, but you can expect him to have double that number by week 2. Jones will get to the quarterback and cause havoc in Dick Lebeau’s schemes.  He just needed an opportunity to get on the field, and I feel 2014 will be his shining moment. 

So before you rule him a bust, give him just one more year, because with the team losing Woodley and the contract woes of Worlids, Jones is in a perfect position to eat for the Steelers. 

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