Don’t be surprised if Richie Incognito wins his grievance

In a grievance filed by Richie Incognito in an attempt to recover lost wages as a result of the suspension, Incognito has a great shot of winning. For each week Incognito misses, he loses $235,294.12 of his $4 million base salary.

Accordibg to Albert Breer, some of the grievances filed were;

» That the suspension came without proper warning, and that the Dolphins “failed to properly advise or warn Mr. Incognito that joking behavior amongst teammates or the use of vulgar or profane language amongst teammates, whether in-season or during the offseason, could subject him to disciplinary action.” And that the club didn’t perform an appropriate review, and thus the “immediate imposition of the harshest discipline available under the CBA was disproportional and unjustified.”

»That the club “has not and cannot identify any detriment to the club caused by Mr. Incognito,” citing Steve Ross’ press conference last Monday, during which the owner “stated that neither he nor the coaches ever had any indication that anyone in the Dolphins locker room had any issues with Mr. Incognito or bullying.”

» That “the only detriment to the club arising out of this incident is the harm resulting from the media strategy employed by Mr. Cornwell and Mr. Martin’s other representatives. … Had Mr. Martin and Mr. Cornwell approached this complaint as a professional employment complaint rather than a media blitz, the club could have carried out an orderly, impartial investigation and determined that Mr. Martin’s mental health issues are unrelated to Mr. Incognito or any other member of the Dolphins organization.”

If he does win, expect Richie to file a slander case as well as defamation of character law suit against the Miami Dolphins and Jonathan Martin.

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