Dolphins Fans should be pumped Lamar Miller is their starter over Daniel Thomas

Today when Joe Philbin made his decision on his starting running back, it had to make the Dolphins fans breathe a little better.  Then their coach says this:

“I think they’ve improved, both of them, and we definitely need those guys to perform well for us,” Philbin added. “I think [Miller] played well. I think he caught the ball well, ran the ball well. I thought Daniel did as well. It’s very, very close.”

That is not very refreshing if you are Lamar Miller.  I am sorry, but I have never really been a big fan of Daniel Thomas. Thomas constantly fumbles the ball and is injured.  Lamar Miller on the other hand would have been a much higher draft pick if he had not had the injury before the draft.

I remember hearing an NFL Scout tell me about the Miami Hurricanes that year. He told me that if he had to pick any player on that team it would be Lamar Miller.  He said that Lamar was the only player on that roster that had the potential to make it in the NFL. Well he is looking like a genius, because the guys that came out early that year have not done too much.  Look at Sean Spence, Tommy Streeter, Brandon Washington and company.  There have not been too many good players to come from that crop.

After sitting out getting healthy, Miller looked amazing in the preseason.  I love this kid’s style and think he gives the Dolphins the best chance to win right now.  That is what the Dolphins organization is preparing for, they have already spent millions of dollars to win now.  If they would have started Daniel Thomas they would not have been sending the message of win now.  That is all I am saying.  What do you think?  Let me know on twitter @drocksthaparty

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