Do the 49ers regret getting rid of Alex Smith?????

Last year the San Francisco 49ers rode the coat tails of Colin Kaepernick en route to the Super Bowl, but did they make the right decision at quarterback? Last year Colin Kaepernick was pretty impressive and looked to be on the path to filling the shoes of Montana and Young, but they have hit a bump in the road this year.

Teams have finally been able to get film on Kaepernick and it seems they might have a game plan to stop the running gun slinger.  The team seemed to be sinking at the beginning of the season, while their EX-quarterback Alex Smith rose to the occasion in Kansas City.  Smith has the Chiefs on their best start ever in franchise history at 7-0.

Smith also is leading Kaepernick in passing yards, completion percentage; has fewer interceptions and most importantly WINS.  Do you think the San Francisco 49ers made a mistake like the San Diego Chargers made with Drew Brees?

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