Did Russell Wilson play a part in Golden Tate leaving?

Russell Wilson is a very strong Christian man and he recently asked for a divorce. Well it sounds like
Wilson is finally getting back in the saddle after announcing his divorce from wife Ashton Meem.

The rumor at the time of their breakup was that Ashton had cheated on Wilson with his former teammate Golden Tate. Tate denied those rumors (possibly before they started?) and since then Wilson has been the hardest working man in the NFL.

My question to you is do you think this conflict was the reason the team moved on from Tate?

Reports are coming in that imply Russell may be hooking up with track star Lolo Jones. The two were reportedly inseparable at the ESPYs.

Would you trust your teammate if he was cheating with your wife? The rumor alone would probably make things in the huddle uncomfortable, do you agree?

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