Detroit Lions have the most expensive Beer in the NFL per ounce

beerToday a stat came out and boy does it hurt.  Especially when you look at the picture.  Today we learned that not only was it very hard to watch the Detroit Lions over the past 10 years, it cost even more to forget about how bad they played.  Yes, the beer price per ounce at Detroit’s Ford Field.

It cost’s .67 cents per ounce, which is darn near triple the price of the Carolina Panthers beer at .27 cents.  This is horrible. I have to appreciate the price of the Panthers beer, because they have not been the best team in the past several years.  At least they allow their fans to get drunk at an affordable price.  As for teams like the Bills and Jaguars you should both be ashamed of yourselves.  That price should be free, for how bad you have both been in the past 10 years.

What team do you think should have the most affordable beer in the NFL?

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