DeSean Jackson sends a message Jadeveon Clowney telling him the NFL is a “Big Man’s Sport”

Desean Jackson was interviewed by TMZSports when leaving an L.A. club last night when he was asked if he was impressed with Jadeveon Clowney’s speed in the 40.  They asked him at first if Clowney was faster than he was:

“Faster than me? I don’t think so,” Jackson said.

“I can just congratulate him for being 260 and doing his thing … but I just need to see him get to the NFL and do his thing … the NFL is a big man sport.”

“I know he’s 260 … that fast sh*t cool … but I got homies right here that’s bigger than that, that poundin’ sh*t in the streets. So, if he gonna get on that field and pound sh*t, I can’t do nothing but respect him.”

Jackson murdered Clowney’s name in the beginning of the video, but I think the message was pretty clear.  The NFL is a big man sport.

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