Derrick Ward goes bananas on Eagles organization

Former NFL running back Derrick Ward went bananas today after Desean Jackson was released by the Philadelphia Eagles.

@DerrickWard32: The @Eagles gonna cut @DeseanJackson10 because they “Think” he might know gang members but they’ll keep and resign a well known Racist?

@DerrickWard32: I’m born and raised in South Central LA. I have uncles who are still gang bangin cousins who still gang bang. But what does that have to do

@DerrickWard32: with someone playing football and ballin out for your team? I’m sorry but Every NFL team knows what there players are doing who there hangin

@DerrickWard32: out with. In 6 years has he had 1 single incident? 1 single crime? The NFL is a bunch of BS Im so glad I’m done with that joke of a league

@DerrickWard32: Mark my words there won’t be an NFL in the next 20 years watch and see There so worried about who a player knows and a player dunking on the

@DerrickWard32: goal post than actually worry about whats really important. And the funny thing about it Chip Kelly coached@t Oregon which recruited players

@DerrickWard32: From Crenshaw HS. He knows for damn sure who’s gang banging and who’s not.

@DerrickWard32: A lil bro @DeseanJackson10 keep your head up. Keep doing you don’t let any of these fake no talent ass analyst on ESPN deter you from doing

@DerrickWard32: what you do. Keep working hard like you do everyday and when you do get on a squad and play against the sack ass @Eagles burn they ass for

@DerrickWard32: 10 catches 150yds 3td’s

#Wow that was interesting!!!

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