Cowboys fan with an “F RG3” license plate is now being investigated by Virginia DMV (PHOTO)

So a fan named Andy Boothe took a picture of this license plate of a Dallas Cowboys fan and posted it to twitter, which has now made it officially big news.

@VirginiaDMV@Redskins@dcsportsbog how did this plate make it thru? You know what the F stands for right? Well Virginia DMV responded to the tweet and now the poor Cowboys fan is being investigated.

@andy_boothe We’ll have this reviewed immediately. Sometimes the system misses certain combos. Thx for the alert! @Redskins@dcsportsbog

Wow if that is not dry snitching I don’t know what is.  What do you think?  I love the license plate, a matter a fact, I am going to my local DMV to get an F Brady one.

f rg3

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