Could Wes Welker’s concussion be worse than originally thought?

Wes Welker was once leading the NFL in touchdowns scored earlier this year, and now the only stat he is leading the NFL in is concussions.

Wes Welker, who suffered a concussion just before halftime of the Broncos’ victory over theTennessee Titans, was held out of last Thursday night’s loss to the San Diego Chargers. Welker also suffered a concussion in the Broncos’ win Nov. 17 over the Kansas City Chiefs.

He has not taken part in a practice since, but his work with the strength coaches is an indication he was cleared Thursday, as part of the league’s concussion protocol to begin the “light exercise’’ portion of the recovery. Welker will continue to be evaluated for symptoms and would have to remain symptom-free after this initial work to be allowed to progress to return to the practice field.

Before he can play in a game Welker would have to be declared symptom-free by both the Broncos’ medical staff and a designated independent physician who has been approved by both the NFL and NFL Players Association.

My biggest question is, how bad was this concussion?  Do you remember Jahvid Best?  The former running back of the Detroit Lions had so many concussions that he could not pass the concussions test.  He would try over and over again, but could never pass. I wonder if the Broncos have tried to get Welker to pass and he cannot?  This concussion could be worse than it looks.

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