Could Schiano get the upset over the hoodie today?

Greg Schiano going into this week seems to be on the hot seat, because his rugged coaching ways are not going over to well with some of the players on this team. Well it sounds like the players led by Dashon Goldson had a players only meeting, and usually those meetings don’t end well. Schiano talked about it a little bit while trying to focus on the Patriots this week:

“When you come into a place and you have to change some things, you’re not looking for a whole lot of suggestions at the beginning, because first you gotta figure out who your guys are,” Schiano said when asked about the meeting. “Now, I really know who our guys are because they wouldn’t be here if they weren’t our guys. I really appreciate their feedback. But some of the pictures that have been painted … it’s not like they’re outside the door with torches, ‘We must change!’

“It’s what I ask them to do: Give me feedback if you feel there’s anything that needs to be said.”

Dashon Goldson downplayed his leadership in the meeting, saying there were a number of Buccaneers players involved. But having been in San Francisco under hard-liner Mike Singletary, and then the uber-intense Jim Harbaugh, the sixth-year veteran safety was able to bring perspective to his teammates on what works and what doesn’t.

“I thought it was good, it was a good meeting, getting to hear guys’ opinions on certain things,” Goldson said. “We expressed that stuff, pulling together as a team. We have a lot of young guys out here, it was expressing what the expectations should be, being a professional, and at the same time, doing what’s right.”

Here is my question, will the Bucs beat up on the injured Patriots who are missing Amendola and maybe Gronkowski again, or will it be one of the worst downward spirals ever? Either way we will find out in a few hours.

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