Could 2013 be the year of change? Peyton 16-0, Eli 0-16?

Well after five weeks of football, and the year of the Mannings, could we see a sudden change in play?  Over the past several years, people have been trying to say that Eli was a better quarterback because he has 2 rings which is more than his brother.  Well could this be the year of change?

This year Peyton Manning has been amazing, and maybe the best quarterback play I have ever seen, while Eli is choking it up in New York.  Could you imagine if Eli goes on to lead the NFL in interceptions and loses and Peyton leads the NFL in touchdowns and wins?

Well as of right now, Eli Manning is number one in the NFL with 12 interceptions, which is 4 more than his touchdown ratio. Eli has 3 more interceptions than any other quarterback in the NFL, and that list has Blaine Gabbert and Matt Schaub?

Eli has also led his team to a horrendous 0-5 start, in which the Giants have been getting smashed by teams that they would have usually beaten. Well Eli don’t hang your head, at least your brother is keeping your last name alive.

Peyton on the other hand has thrown an NFL high 20 touchdowns to one interception, and has his team undefeated at 5-0. Peyton Manning has the team to beat in the NFL right now.  Everyone will be aiming at them, but the way it is looking now, the Broncos could sweep the board.  The Giants on the other hand are in shambles, and could be about done.  What do you think?  Will Eli turn it around? Let us know on twitter @DraftDiamonds

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