Colts RB Trent Richardson believes he will go for more than 1000 yards in 2014

TRichIf you are a fantasy football owner, I am sure you know the production of Trent Richardson has decreased lately. A matter of fact he was a huge disappointment last year. Well Trent feels that will all change this year. Richardson rushed for just 458 yards and 2.9 yards a carry in 14 games in 2013, but this year is different.  A matter of fact, he feels he will rush for more than a 1000 yards in 2014 according to the Indianapolis Star. 

“A thousand is not the goal. For me, it’s personal. I’m going to keep it to myself. But a thousand is not it for me. It’s higher,” Richardson said, via the Indianapolis Star.

This year Richardson believes his greater understanding of the offense will allow him to play a greater role on the team.

“I can’t wait to be involved in the passing game, even if it’s just pass blocking,” Richardson said. “I’m trying to be a three-down back. It would be four if they let me play special teams.”

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