Would the City of New York accept Michael Vick?

The New York Jets are reportedly considering making an offer of a starting role to quarterback Michael Vick, according to NFL insider Adam Schefter.

Schefter said that it was unlikely Vick would rejoin the Philadelphia Eagles, who he has been with since 2009, after being incarcerated for killing and mutilating dogs in a dog fighting scheme. While Schefter feels that Vick would be a great fit and someone the team will likely pursue would the city accept him?

“I don’t expect Michael Vick to be back in Philadelphia, Schefter told the Ross Tucker Podcast. “And then he’s gonna have to decide what’s the best circumstance for him moving forward. I think the Jets will be in play. I definitely think the Jets will have some level of interest in Michael Vick. Definitely.”

I know the media in Philly is pretty rough, but would Vick be willing to go to a city like New York?  Recently, in North Carolina, Vick had a huge protest against him to come in and be a guest speaker, many dog lovers have not forgotten about his trial, but this could cause more drama in the City that never sleeps than good.

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