Chip Kelly gets a taste of his own medicine by running up the points and he didn’t like it

During his career coaching at the University of Oregon, Chip Kelly dominated teams.  They would brutally attack football teams, and terrorize their scoreboards. While it was great on the winning side of the football game, Chip Kelly is tasting a little Karma.

Today when Chip Kelly was asked about the beating they took yesterday by the Broncos he responded a little upset:

“Four teams have tried to stop them, and they haven’t yet,” said Philadelphia coach Chip Kelly after his team’s 52-20 loss Sunday. “I wasn’t sitting there saying, ‘Hey, that was a really cool play by Peyton.’ He frustrates you,” Kelly said.

It sounds like it is not so fun after all to run up the score on a team.  The sad thing is Peyton Manning didn’t run up the score, the  Eagles defense could stop them.  They had 3, 80 plus yard drives that all went for touchdowns.  I don’t know but it seems as if Chip Kelly was able to taste a little of his own medicine.

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