Chiefs QB Alex Smith will get a huge contract, expect more than Dalton

alex smithAlex Smith is smiling from ear to ear right now, especially after reading how much money Bengals QB Andy Dalton just walked away with.  The problem is Alex Smith is repped by CAA’s own Tom Condon.  Condon is known for his tough negotiations, and willingness to hold out. 

Tom Condon, Smith’s agent, has a mutual respect with Chiefs general manager John Dorsey but didn’t earn his reputation as one of the NFL’s top agents by letting his clients go for cheap. Dorsey already invested two second-round picks to trade for Smith, but the Chiefs are short on cap room and Dorsey has a reputation for not budging off what he believes is fair value.

You can expect Tom Condon to want quite a bit of guaranteed money, not like the contracts of Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick who are both coming off of rookie deals.  Alex Smith is a veteran, and when you look at the last several veterans to get a pay check, all of them were repped by Tom Condon. 

You can expect Smith to want a deal more in line with Tony Romo, Matthew Stafford and Drew Brees.

Tony Romo received 55 million dollars guaranteed, and Stafford signed for $41.5 million guaranteed in his contract extension, both players are represented by CAA.  

So if you look at Condon’s history, his clients haven’t always signed in this situation. Two years ago, Drew Brees signed a $60 million guarantee after playing the previous season under the franchise tag. Condon’s negotiations with the Saints went heavy enough that Brees missed OTAs and threatened to hold out, but ultimately Brees was paid well. 

All in All, Expect Alex Smith to get a pretty penny.  We might shake our heads at this situation, but if he blows it up he could get tons of paper. 

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