Could the Chicago Bears force another legend out of town?

The Chicago Bears have been trying hard to make their team younger, and they have now moved on without Brian Urlacher and this year Devin Hester. Both players really led this Bears team to their glory days a few years back.  The Bears under Marc Trestman have been a more offensive minded team than ever before. I don’t see that changing anytime soon, especially with the new contract that the Bears gave Jay Cutler to remain with the team.  The most surprising signing in free agency came when the Chicago Bears signed Brian De La Puente, the former New Orleans Saints center when they have a legend in Roberto Garza. 

Roberto Garza has been the face of the Chicago Bears offensive line for a very long time, and while he only has one year left on his deal, did the Bears sign De La Puente as an insurance policy or a pink slip?

Today Mike Wright of answered some questions about Roberto Garza and the future of Brian De La Puente, which made it sound like another legend will soon be out in Chicago. 

Roberto Garza has played well over the past couple of years, he’s 35 years old and playing on a one-year deal.Although de la Puente is also playing on a one-year deal, he’s insurance if Garza goes down or struggles. But he could also be this team’s center of the future. De la Puente is familiar with Bears offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer, from his time down in New Orleans, when he started every game over the past two seasons at center. So there won’t be much of an adjustment period for de la Puente if he winds up as the starter. I see this signing as one very similar to last year, when the Bears brought in Matt Slauson. Slauson signed a one-year deal, and played well last season on the club’s revamped offensive line. In January, the Bears rewarded Slauson with a four-year contract. I envision something similar happening with de la Puente after next season.

I don’t know about you, but I will be sad if Roberto Garza is given his pink slip.  Especially if they release him after the season starts.  That would be a slap in the face to a veteran center, in my opinion. 

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