Can we expect a decline in Peyton Manning after last season?

I was sitting at work today talking to my co-workers and we came up to Peyton Manning. The guy was electrifying last year tossing 5,477 yards, throwing 55 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions, but can we expect him to keep those numbers up?

I know Peyton Manning will want to get back to the Super Bowl, but is it fair to expect the type of numbers he had last year? You have to remember he did lose a valuable lineman, his starting running back, and a very solid wide out to free agency.

While I would love to see Manning tear it up, and win another Super Bowl it is unlikely to happen.

The teams in Peyton’s division are stacking up. The Chiefs shined last year and will be gunning to take over the AFC West. The Oakland Raiders have their backs against the wall, and the Chargers gave the Broncos a dog fight when they played last year.

Before we can look ahead, we have to face reality. If Peyton Manning gets injured the Broncos might not win one game. I personally feel Brock Osweiler is not the answer.

So I want to know, am I wrong for feeling Peyton will decline this year?

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