Can someone please stop Roger Goodell, He is trying to make the Draft 4 days now

Roger Goodell is like a brand new police officer straight out of the academy.  They believe they are superman, and can change the world overnight.  Well on Friday NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suggested that the league’s draft process might be adjusted again.

In an interview with NFL Media’s Jeff Darlington, Goodell said the NFL will consider stretching the annual draft from three days to four. Regardless of the change, the draft will remain seven rounds in nature. Goodell is unsure whether the draft will remain in May or go back to April. Traditionally, the draft would take place this weekend.

Per Goodell, the league is considering several options for the draft’s date and venue, but when will he stop.  Goodell is trying to make things happen, but he is certainly trying to increase revenue.  The more you have to wait the more you make people anxious.

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