Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel is now selling a portion of his brand

A San Francisco-based company, called Fantex, is giving the public a chance to cash in on the potential success of Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel. Manuel will become the third NFL player to join in the Fantex stock sharing.  Both Arian Foster and Vernon Davis were the first. 

Fantex will purchase 10 percent of the EJ Manuel brand for $4.98 million, allowing the public to invest.

“So it’s a tracking stock, which basically means that the underlying value is linked to the brand contract that we sign with EJ Manuel to acquire 10 percent of his future cash flow stream. So the value is linked to Ej Manuel’s cash flow that he generates,” According to Fantex CEO Buck French 

The company projected that Manuel’s expected lifetime brand income (before applying any discounted rates) will be $104,337,622. They calculated his lifetime income by comparing past quarterbacks. The brand’s income includes anything related to the NFL, including non-football activities.

“His current and future NFL contracts, endorsements, insurance fees, his post career if he goes into broadcasting or becomes a talk show host,” explained French. “Think of it as it encapsulates 10 percent of his consumer brand.”

I think I am going to buy some of this stock.  I feel with the team loading up on weapons, EJ is going to succeed. 


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