Browns UDFA WR Cordell Roberson becoming a huge find

 By: Shaun DePasquale (@ShaunDoesDraft)

Interview by Damond Talbot (@drocksthaparty)

Courtesy Diamond Images

Courtesy Diamond Images

It makes us proud to see the players succeed in the pros whom caught our eye early. It’s becoming apparent that one such player is un-sung Cleveland Browns UDFA WR Cordell Roberson. The big, 6’4 200+ wideout has been a standout in camp, and in preseason. With a 26 yard touchdown in week 2 to his credit, Roberson led the Browns in receiving in week 3. He appears a solid bet to make the Browns final roster, barring the team being willing to expose him to waivers. This past Spring, prior to April’s NFL Draft, my colleague Damond Talbot conducted an interview with Cordell. This is an interesting chat that is actually rather candid and gives a glimpse into Cordell the person, as well as NFL prospect.


Pre-Draft Interview

Cordell Roberson is a very fun receiver to watch, and has been very successful since going to Stephen F. Austin.  At SFA, Roberson is a very dedicated person that is very humble.  He was nominated as the Walter Payton Award this year for the best FCS player in college football, which is basically the Heisman of the FCS.  Cordell has great hands and speed, keep an eye on Roberson moving forward.

How many teams were recruiting you coming out of high school and how 
did you make your decision?

There were about 4 D1-AA schools recruiting me coming out of high school. I chose SFA because it was much like my hometown which was small, the education was good, they threw the ball a lot and coaches told me I could make an immediate impact.

Who was your favorite NFL team growing up, and did you have a player
you rooted for?

I’m a Dallas Cowboy fan and my favorite player was
Randy Moss, he inspired me to play football and wide out.

At your position, how do you break down film, please inform our readers
what you look for when breaking down film?

I look at the jobs of the each LB and DB and find something small that
they might do that tells the defense.

Do you consider yourself a quiet leader or an outspoken role model?

I’m more of a quiet leader, I lead by my action.

If you could take one day back and erase it from your past what day
would you erase?

The day I lost my grandmother would be one day I wish I could take back, because she meant the world to me and I wish she could witness what I have accomplished so far.




Do you have any hobbies, if so tell the world what it is?

I like dancing but only around my close friends and family.

Who was the toughest player you have ever played against?

It would have to be CB, Robert Alford, from Southeastern Louisiana.

What is the best accolade/award you have ever received from playing 

I would say getting selected as an All American.

If it was your last meal, what would you eat?

Fried Chicken, Cabbage, Candy yams, Mac n Cheese, and Corn bread!

Before the game, what song might I hear on your ipod?

Won’t Stop by Meek Mill

Do you have any pre game rituals?

I listen to this group from Dallas called Yung Nation, their boogie style of music seem to loosen me up and not have me so uptight.

If you could pick out your biggest weakness what would it be?

Since I’m not so outspoken it would having to speak to large crowds.

Have you talked to any NFL scouts throughout this process, and what
feedback are you getting?

Spoke to a few. They want me to get faster improve on route running.

If you could compare your play to someone in the NFL, who would it be?

Randy Moss.

What is the most tragic event in your life that has happened and how
did you bounce back?

Losing my cousin Deb, since he passed I’ve been playing for him because he didn’t get the chance to fulfill his football dreams.

Everyone asks this question but I’m curious to know what will you buy
first with your first NFL pay check?

I will more than likely buy my parents something because they have supported me since day one through hard times.

If you could meet one person, dead or alive who would it be and why?

Although I ended up playing football, basketball was my first love and I am a Big Lebron James fan; so it would have to be him.

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