Alterraun Verner could be a perfect replacement for Cortland Finnegan

Everyone lately has been expecting the Rams to make Cortland Finnegan restructure his contract if he wants to stay a Ram.  Well one player that could be a perfect replacement is Alterraun Verner.  Verner was drafted by Jeff Fisher when he was in Tennessee.  So today when Jim Thomas of the Post Dispatch was asked about the possibility he too confirmed the connection.
Do you know if the Rams have any interest in Alterraun Verner or Jeremy Maclin? Verner has the Fisher connection and Maclin is from Missouri. If not those guys are there any players that you know the Rams have interest in?
by John 2:18 PM yesterday
I think Verner makes a lot of sense. Not only does Fisher now about him, but he blossomed into a Pro Bowler last season when Gregg Williams was a senior defensive assistant. Williams even mentioned Verner at his introductory press conference at Rams Park last week. In fact, I would be surprised if the Rams didn’t make an effort to get him signed. Not as sure on Maclin. How much does he want? Would Maclin be willing to sign a one-year deal (I believe he has indicated he would.) Do you take Maclin over drafting someone in what is said to be a deep WR draft? Do the Rams have any concerns over Maclin’s durability? All questions that would have to be answered.
by jthomas 2:21 PM yesterday
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