Aldon Smith and Justin Blackmon both need a change of scenary

The NFL always has one or two players that desperately need a change of scenary. This year three players that would have definitely needed a change of scenary going into the year are Justin Blackmon, Aldon Smith and Mike Williams.

The Tampa Bay Bucs have already moved away from Williams trading him to Buffalo for a sixth round pick. Williams had a couple of arrests for numerous violations of the law. His latest incident involving his brother stabbing him, pushed the Bucs over the edge. Moving on is sometimes needed in the NFL. The same way the Bucs moved on from Mike Williams, the Niners and Jaguars need to move on from both Smith and Blackmon.

The 49ers need to kick Aldon Smith to the curb or suspend him the entire year. The guy is not learning from his mistakes, and his latest arrest at the LAX airport should have pushed the 49ers overboard, but they seem committed to Smith and his ridiculous ways.

Another player who is on his last straw should be Justin Blackmon. When the guy is playing, just like Smith, he is an All-Pro. The problem is, he cannot stay out of trouble. The guy is always in the funny papers. Blackmon needs to be traded, but the coaching staff feel they can fix him and his ways.

I am not sure any of the three mentioned will be able to fix the past and make the future better, but of the three expect Mike Williams who had a change of scenary to shine.

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