90 percent of America feel the Patriots were screwed last night by the refs, What do you think? (Photo of Poll)

Today on Sports Nation they did a poll to see how America felt about the play last night that was very controversial.  The last play of the game, was a horrible call in my opinion, and I guess that 90 percent of America agrees with me.

Tom Brady threw the ball in the middle of the endzone to Rob Gronkowski, on the play Gronk was double teamed by both Robert Lester and Luke Kuechly.  Lester loops around Gronk while Luke Kuechly basically blocks him out of bounds so he cannot make a play.  The refs threw the flag and later picked up the flag ending the game.

While I am a Pats hater, I have to agree it was a bad call though.  It was a horrible call. Here is the poll on Sports Nation.


That is a whole lot of RED.gronk


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