80 percent of Johnny Manziel’s rookie deal is fully guaranteed (Complete Breakdown)

manzielJohnny Football will be set regardless of how he performs in the NFL.  Johnny Manziel’s rookie contract is out and according to, 80 percent of his deal is guaranteed. 

The total four-year deal is worth what was expected in the NFL rookie slotting system: $8.247 million. Of that, $6.702 million is guaranteed, which should provide ample opportunity for more “money phone” Manziel videos. 

Per, the deal includes:

  • A signing bonus of $4.318 million

  • A $250,000 roster bonus in 2017

  • Annual salaries of $420,000, $794,875, $1.169 million and $1.294 million

  • His salary cap costs to the Browns each season are $1.499 million, $1.874 million, $2.249 million and $2.624 million

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