5 teams that will fail miserably in 2014

I’m sorry Cincinnati Bengals fans, your team in my opinion will struggle this year. I cannot see how the Bengals make the playoffs. The defense was amazing under Mike Zimmer and with both their coordinators are now leading NFL teams, I would be shocked if the Bengals win and keep Marvin Lewis. His chances as a coach are over in Cincy, in my opinion.

Dallas Cowboys are a team that is not heading in the right direction. A matter of fact they are hurting themselves more and more each year. I cannot see how the Cowboys finish better than fourth in their division this year.

So long Carolina Panthers. I cannot see how the Panthers do not pick in the top 10 next year. The Panthers are a playoff team who lost their entire offensive line to retirement and all of Cam Newton’s weapons. This team has too much money invested in the running back position and they will struggle bad.

The Houston Texans might have back to back first overall picks if they cannot get Andre Johnson back. The team will rely on Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starting quarterback, but the team needs help around him. They might as well suck for Jameis, because they have good young talent, but they just need to develop.

Tennessee Titans will compete with the Texans for the first pick in 2015 Draft. They have no quarterback and their team has gaping holes everywhere. The Titans might win a game or two, here and there but they will not be a great team this year.

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