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What Do NFL Stars Spend Their Money On?

NFL is the most popular sport in the United States, and as such, athletes playing it get huge paychecks. As the majority of them come from various backgrounds, once they get a hold of these massive sums of money, they spend it in a wide range of ways. While some prefer to seek thrill off the field, others pick to spend it more wisely. Furthermore, there are those who also choose to show off by purchasing luxury items. In this article, we’ll talk about the most common ways NFL stars spend their money.

Partying and Gambling

All the hard work to be top of the class in the NFL makes the players want to blow off some steam once in a while. That’s why many of them opt to spend their money using PA sportsbook promotions or hosting a party for hundreds of people to have fun. This is especially true when players are younger, as they seek various ways to keep the blood flowing when they’re not playing. These two activities definitely get the adrenaline up, so it’s one of the things the NFL start first spend their money on.

What Do NFL Stars Spend Their Money On?

Luxury Items

Once the NFL athletes make it, many of them choose to show off to their peers that doubted them in the past. The first things many go for are luxury items, including:

● Expensive clothing – Branded clothing is the first thing that superstars purchase to set themselves apart from others.

● Jewelry – Jewelry holds value, and it’s the primary way many NFL stars choose to brag.

● Yachts – While this is exclusive for the best NFL players because of the price, it’s still one of the things on which they choose to spend money.

● Exotic cars – Last but not least, exotic cars are status symbols of the rich and are a type of investment.

Jewelry and exotic cars are the most popular options because athletes and pop stars also opt for these kinds of purchases. So to join the group, NFL stars make similar moves and buy these items. Plus, jewelry never loses any value, so it’s a type of investment that can later pay off.

Real Estate

After buying that villa that comes with dozens of rooms, bathrooms, and staff, many athletes seek to spend more on real estate. They quickly understand that owning a lot of real estate ensures a safe retirement once they stop playing sports. That’s why many opt to start real estate investment, which significantly pays off in the long run. It’s one of the safer investments that not only generate passive income but grow in value over time. The housing market is always growing, and it’s one of the best ways for NFL stars to protect their wealth.

What Do NFL Stars Spend Their Money On?
What Do NFL Stars Spend Their Money On?

Crypto Markets

Last but not least, like many other stars from different fields, NFL athletes spend their money on popular cryptocurrencies. As they keep gaining popularity, more people are getting into this space, which steadily keeps growing. But there’s more to it. One of the things that keep things interesting for NFL stars specifically is volatility and exclusivity.

The volatility element introduces the risk factors that adrenaline-fueled athletes love. You never know when the markets are going to go up or down, which is a type of gambling. Those who have money to invest often dare to spend money on crypto to have fun.

Exclusivity, on the other hand, means becoming a member of a group or owning a certain art piece. Yes, we’re talking about NFTs, and Bored Ape Yacht Club is the perfect example. Many stars have already spent money on owning Bored Ape NFTs. Dez Bryant is an NFL star that has joined many other celebrities who’ve purchased these NFTs. Owning them provides access to exclusive events that only the owners of these have access to.


As you can see, NFL stars opt for different types of ways to spend money. The ones listed above are just some of the most popular ways they spend money. While many athletes decide to spend money on random luxurious things, there are those who opt for a smarter approach and start investing in different types of assets. Index funds are also a great opportunity that many opt for, S&P 500 being one of the first picks.

They all share one thing, though, NFL stars enjoy spending money on things that get their adrenaline up

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