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2023 NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Jaiden Woodbey, S, Boston College

Jaiden Woodbey is an aggressive box safety with good size for Boston College who is a big run stopper. Hula Bowl scout Ryan Jaffe breaks down the Woodbey as an NFL Prospect in this article.
Jaiden Woodbey is an aggressive box safety with good size for Boston College who is a big run stopper. Hula Bowl scout Ryan Jaffe breaks down Woodbey as an NFL Prospect in this article.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Jaiden Woodbey, #9
School (Code)Boston College (MABC)
DOB, Class Yr1/20/2000, RSSR
Height, Weight6006, 222
40 Yd Dash4.65
Arms, Hands3218, 0958
Honors/CaptainshipAll-ACC Honorable Mention/NO
Season Viewed (yr)2022
Games WatchedSCCL, NCST, CTUN
Scout Name / DateRyan Jaffe / 11/20/2022

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

2022(MABC) 7 GP / 23 SOLO / 21 AST / 44 TOT
2021(MABC) 12 GP / 29 SOLO / 27 AST / 56 TOT / 3.5 TFL / .5 SACKS / 2 INT / 5 PD / 2 FR
2020(FLST) 8 GP / 28 TOT / 1.5 TFL / 2 QB HURRY / 1 PB
2019(FLST) 4 GP / 19 TOT / 1 TFL / .5 SACK / 1 FR / 1 PB
2018(FLST) 12 GP / 58 TOT / 4.5 TFL / 1 SACK / 8 PB / 3 QB HURRY / 1 FF

Player Summary:

RSSR with good size to play primarily in the box as a SS, who transferred from FLST to MABC after his 3rd season with the Seminoles. Attains good height and weight, with a stocky frame, good muscle and definition to fit his role at SS. Good physicality and strength, along with adequate speed, acceleration, and COD. In the pass game, he displays good play recognition/instincts against Man/Zone Coverage, being able to put himself in the best situation possible. In Man Coverage, he displays good UOH and physicality whether it’s out of Press or Off, he gets a good jam at the LOS or during the stem of the route along with good disciplined eyes on the beltline of his man, staying attached to the hip and in phase. Displays solid explosion/break on the ball. Poor Deep Zone ability due to average range of coverage, unable to cover large amounts of grass, letting up big plays, then displaying poor recovery speed to retrace the ball carrier. Adequate transition from his pedal to a sprint behind him showing poor transition and fluidity. Good in Short Zone showing ability to sit in throwing windows disrupting reads, and when there is no work, he will gain more depth to look for other oncoming routes. Displays good ball awareness being able to match a hand and disrupt QB throwing angles when near the line of scrimmage to tip passes. Good in run support, displaying ability to crash down quickly, and display good UOH, being physical with bigger defenders, showing good competitive toughness, not backing down. Solid ability to disengage from blockers and display good footwork and patience, to come to balance and show good ability as a tackler. Good as the last line of defense, who is not going to overrun the ball carrier. Solid Blitz ability as he displays good timing toward the snap and can identify the ball carrier quickly, wasting no steps on his path. Average pursuit, as he takes a good angle to the ball with good effort, his lack of speed and COD allows ball carriers to beat him.

Scheme Fit

SS primarily in the box

Power Statement

Aggressive, good run stopper with good explosion, while also displaying good ability in Man Coverage, and average ability in Zone Coverage. Wins with good instincts and play recognition.

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