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Are Browns willing to pay half of Baker Mayfield’s salary in a trade situation?

Well, there have been rumors that the Panthers are in on Baker Mayfield, but Panthers beat reporter Joe Person is saying the Panthers are in on another mystery quarterback as well?
Well, there have been rumors that the Panthers are in on Baker Mayfield, but what is going to help them pull the trigger?

What is happening in Cleveland? The Browns want to trade Baker Mayfield and now there are rumors swirling that the team is willing to pay half of his salary to help facilitate the trade.

The Carolina Panthers are the team that could use Baker’s help the most right now. I think they should absolutely pull the trigger on Mayfield, but they are in a crappy situation themselves. They are paying Sam Darnold a ton of money and he is not that great.

The Browns likely wanted this news to come out, because it could draw another team into the mix. Maybe this will fire up the Seahawks who may want to test the waters on Baker. It all started when Colin Cowherd snapped on the air, and took tons of shots at the Browns. He usually is taking shots at Baker, but this time he said he actually feels bad for Baker.

Colin Cowherd reacted to these new reports on Monday’s “The Herd,” saying that the Browns are making if officially, if it wasn’t already, that they’re done with Mayfield by taking a “big step” in getting him off their roster — a move that drew some criticism from Cowherd as well.

“One of the reasons the Browns are now in this position … with the two biggest newsmakers at quarterback in the NFL … is because they work from a position of desperation. You’d think an organization would have a plan if you’re gonna move off Baker Mayfield. Instead, Cleveland went, ‘Let’s get this guy and worry about Baker later.’ Shocker, Cleveland miscalculated. But this is what Cleveland does. This is what bad organizations do.

“In fact, I find him incredibly easy to root for today. I actually feel bad for Baker Mayfield, the mess he’s in, and I think deep down Baker’s laughing, saying ‘I told you so. I told you it was a circus!'”

“Take an L, pay Baker’s salary. You paid 100 percent guaranteed of Deshaun Watson‘s with 24 civil lawsuits. You can’t take an L with Baker? He got you to the playoffs. Baker made you newsworthy, sold jerseys, merchandise, make you a lot of money, sold a lot of tickets.

“Pay all of it. Move him, so you can just have one less incredibly disruptive, newsmaking quarterback.”

What do you think? Should the Panthers take the deal with the Browns?

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