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Meet Kevin Kelley: The hottest name in coaching | Could he be the next Cowboys head coach?

When Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam personally wrote and asked me my ideas in 2017, my suggestion was for him to hire Kevin Kelley as his head coach.

Kelley was part of my revolutionary 166-page plan to put together a Hall-of-Fame caliber staff in Cleveland that would win the Super Bowl. 

He is someone who resonated with my soul in more ways than one – – and he is someone who deeply reminded me of Hall of Fame head coach, Joe Gibbs a lot of ways. I stumbled into Kelley one night on Twitter about “this coach who doesn’t punt.” 


That was right up my alley – – as I have been telling anyone for years, when I get my chance to run a team in the NFL, I am not going to have a punter on my roster. We are going for it on every 4th down. 

So, when I found Kelley, a high school coach who had mathematically worked out all the reasons why a team should not punt – – and someone who had a lot of success not punting, I could not believe it. I could not believe there was somebody else out there who actually thought like me. 

Kelley recently became the head coach at Presbyterian College after winning nine high school state championships in 18 years, and right off the bat, quarterback (QB) Ren Hefley threw an FCS record of 10-touchdown passes in one game.

It was Kelley’s college debut game as a head coach. 

I just smiled to myself when I saw the news.

Kelley is the most aggressive football coach in America, and he also has the highest level of faith. Respectfully, in my opinion Kelley is more aggressive than New England head coach Bill Belichick, which is why I will offer him the job when I become an NFL GM. The reason I say that is because Belichick is willing to go for it sometimes; whereas Kelley has gone for it all the time. 

Aggression wins, and it is for that reason I believe Kelley will become the top head coach in the NFL. 

Meet Kevin Kelley: the hottest name in coaching | next Cowboys head coach
Meet Kevin Kelley: the hottest name in coaching | next Cowboys head coach

Kelley ironically is friends with Belichick, also my old boss at the Jets, Scott Pioli has spent time talking with Kelley.

While not everyone yet knows his name, I have done the work on Kevin Kelley. He is the hottest up-and-coming name in coaching. 

Kevin Kelley is where football is going. 

Daniel Kelly is a former NFL scout with the New York Jets. He was hired on the regime which featured Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick, Scott Pioli, Mike Tannenbaum, and Dick Haley. He currently writes for Sports Illustrated Detroit Lions and he is a contributing evaluator for Draft Diamonds. For more information about him visit his website at whateverittakesbook.com. He can be followed on Twitter @danielkellybook and his Facebook page is WHATEVER IT TAKES NFL TALK. 

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