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Why aren’t we talking about Alabama QB Mac Jones and his DUI arrest? | Yet his stock continues to rise?

Why aren't we speaking about Mac Jones DUI?
Mac Jones the projected first-round pick was arrested as a Freshman in college for DUI, but no one is really talking about it. Why is that?

Here at NFL Draft Diamonds, we do not like to necessarily put a player down, but what many football fans do not realize is players write their own scouting reports. When you look through a scouting report and read that a player was arrested, or that a player was suspended from the team, the player is ultimately responsible for his actions.

One of our writers put out a piece today about Kadarius Toney and showcased several problems that were documented by the media, and the Florida Gators fans were quick to defend their star wide receiver. I get it, you should defend a player you love, but remember this it does not change the fact that he was suspended for one game and that he was detained for having an AR-15 in his vehicle. The charges were dropped, but he still put himself in this situation.

The same goes for guys like Virginia Tech cornerback Caleb Farley and former Florida State defensive tackle Marvin Wilson. Farley and Wilson are dropping right now in the NFL draft because of their injury history. They cannot control this situation, but when a team or a website writes you have medical concerns, you do have a medical concern.


Maybe you had a bad pro day? Guys like Paris Ford from Pittsburgh had a horrendous pro day. One that I bet he would love to forget. The problem is scouts are going to question it. They are going to say he is not committed, they are going to say his work ethic sucks they are going to consider a player like that a reject. What does that mean? It means the player could be dropped all the way off their big board. There are many factors in this process that are scrutinized heavily by scouts and coaches.

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Where the problem lies is when players like Justin Fields are crushed for having epilepsy, or when the media claims he is a one-read quarterback, or better yet the people saying he does not love the game. You have heard a lot this year about young black athletes but you have not really heard much about the young white athletes. Maybe it is because of the fact the media covers it up, or maybe some outlets just decide not to cover it, but it is a problem. Another thing it could be is more than likely the first round maybe five white players will be drafted. There are fewer of them, I don’t know, but after seeing the fans, I noticed many of them take offense to the news when it is a black athlete.

It is definitely lopsided in the media because one player that many are considering a potential top 5 pick has not been talked about by anyone in the media. That player is Mac Jones, the quarterback from Alabama.

I personally feel the media is not talking about Mac Jones because he is from Alabama, but he has been arrested. I mean if we are going to talk about flaws I feel we should be able to talk about all the flaws right?

Mac Jones was arrested his freshman season for DUI and was suspended for one game. That is all you will hear in the media, but there was a lot more to the story. Mac had actually been driving and was behind a wheel, he would hit another car. When the police arrived, he failed a breathalyzer test, lied to the police, and handed them a fake identification. This is pretty damning, and I get it he was just a Freshman, and the charges were dropped, but it still happened.

This shows poor decision-making. This does not show leadership. This does not say, great role model. This does not show honesty. This does not show intelligence. This says a lot about Mac Jones. Maybe it was a mistake, but he could have killed someone. He could have taken a life that night, and could have lost his own life.

If you are an NFL team you have to take this information and dig deep. As a scout, you have to see if this kid is the pick of your future is he going to make more stupid decisions? Is Mac Jones going to get drunk and drive? We don’t know, but this is a problem. You see Mac Jones deserves this criticism because he was created the situation. He may not fall in the draft, but should he even be considered as a top-pick?

Mac Jones pro day was disappointing, to say the least. He misfired on multiple throws, including at least one that had Bill Belichick shaking his head. Mac Jones needed a second pro day because his first was not pretty. Does that mean he was nervous? Or does that mean he was not prepared? Does that show he has a poor work ethic, or does that mean he was not committed? I mean you can go many different ways in an opinionated article, but remember everything you do on the field or off the field is a direct reflection of yourself. So if you read a scouting report that talks down about a player because of his character, but you have been suspended or arrested, you did that to yourself. No one else did that.

Mac Jones bad overthrow at his pro day

At the end of the day, many players are going to have issues, and do have issues. Many of us have issues, I am not here to crush a player for their mistakes, but my job is to list my negatives and positives. As a scout, we are looking for players that can play the game, but also players that can help my team win for years and years. If you have a checkered past, I will always have to keep an eye on you as a player, and that is not worth it.

It truly is a great question, why aren’t the players are thrown under the bus the same, but at the end of the day, the NFL teams have the backgrounds of every player. They have already removed many players from their boards. They do not care how talented you are, some times they have to draw the line…..

Damond Talbot

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at nfldraftdiamonds@gmail.com

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